Green Woods Charter, Wendy's Tops This Week's Stories

Here are this week's top stories in case you missed one.

Here are this week's top stories in case you missed one.

Wendy's Decision Could Take 'A Week to a Month'

It's all in the hands of the zoning hearing board from this point out.

Green Woods Charter Opens New $13M Facility

A new school opens in the 400 block of Domino Lane.

20 Thefts in Roxborough from Dec. 16-22

A large number of these were GPS systems stolen from cars.  Hide your GPS systems.

Neighbor Witnesses Mailbox Theft

A woman sees a man try to break into her neighbor's house, and then watches the man steal from the mailbox.

Police Ask Residents to Lock Their Cars

This seems like a dumb thing to have to post, but seriously, I would say at least half of the thefts from vehicles in the area happen to unlocked cars.

What To Do If Your Pipes Freeze

Some handy advice for the season.

Man Attempts to Steal Cart Full of Soda

He must've been really thirsty.

Resident Hires Bus, Again, For Wendy's Hearing

John Boyce is hiring buses like they're going out of style.


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