Help Manayunk Moms Aid Hoboken Storm Victims

Philly residents spearhead campaign Friday to supply Hurricane Sandy victims.

Manayunk and Roxborough dodged a Hurricane Sandy catastrophe earlier this week, but others weren't as fortunate.

To help those blasted by the Super Storm, the Manayunk Moms group will collect supplies Friday for a weekend run up the coast.

Carolyn Clement wants your help today in supplying Hoboken, NJ, shelter residents with clothing, blankets, batteries and other items necessary for waiting out long-term power outages and flood damage.

"My husband and I are both from that general area, and have a lot of memories up there. When we realized how bad they got hit with the flooding, we wanted to help," Clement said.

Both from nearby Weehawken, NJ, the Clements will rent a van and drive to Northern New Jersey and drop off items.

Throughout Friday, Clement will accept items for donation and load up the van. If they get too many supplies, maybe they'll keep the van for a second day and make a second trip. 

If people want to help, email cclement555@gmail.com Friday—today—to help.

Click here to read Hoboken Patch's storm coverage.


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