Roxborough 'Envisions' Better Lyceum Avenue

RDC hosts public meeting on avenue improvements.

Preserving the historical character of Roxborough at large and Lyceum Avenue in particular proved a significant issue throughout 2012. While some properties met the bulldozer, other property owners capitalized on preservation grants to better their home.

The Roxborough Development Corporation continues its plans to preserve the character of Lyceum Avenue with a meeting Thursday at 6:30 p.m.

In 2012, the RDC secured a grant for Lyceum Avenue homeowners (living from Ridge to Pechin streets) interested in historic preservation. Additionally, the Preservation Alliance hosted homeowner workshops. A third initiative of that project were plans for street improvements on street, all the way to Manayunk Avenue.

Architect Ian Smith is tasked to create one or two renderings that will set establish a master plan for the wide thoroughfare.

In an announcement from the RDC, the group said Smith's "purpose is to incorporate and enhance your ideas for the avenue into a product that can be used for future efforts."

The meeting will be held at the RDC office, 6111 Ridge Ave. Visit Roxborough.Us for more info.


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