Then and Now: Revealed

The location of last week's Then and Now picture is revealed.

Last week I posted a picture of a group of buildings next to a river.

Reader Hal Schirmer broght the hammer down with his answer to what it was a picture of:

That's Venice Island seen from the Montgomery County side.
It appears to be the stretch of riverbank from the Arroyo/Carmella's grill to the modern location of the Green Lane Bridge.

The clincher is the left side of the photo, the riverbank recedes so far back that the river touched the canal. There is only one place where that happened, at the foot of Leverington Avenue. A masonry viaduct carried the canal OVER the Leverington stream. The area was eventually filled in, leaving an emergency overflow for the Leverington stream.
More recently, then the canal's emergency overflow was filled in and is the current location for the Arroyo / Carmella's grill. From the towpath, you can still see the bridge that carried the train tracks across the emergency spillway, although the spillway itself has been filled in.

As always, thanks for playing, and check back next week for another round of Then and Now.


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