Family Band 'Raids' Manayunk in Thursday Concert

Grape Room Thursday welcomes The Pinkerton Raid.

Brothers and sisters may sometimes struggle to endure long car rides together, but as The Pinkerton Raid sets to prove to Manayunk, there's no bond tighter than blood. 

"There's a level of trust that you can't manufacture. We, as brothers and sisters, can communicate in ways different than people who don't know each other so well," said Jesse James DeConto, singer, bassist and front man for the Durham, NC-based pop/rock band.

Touring off its debut self-titled album, The Pinkerton Raid pops into Manayunk's Thursday night.

DeConto, the lead singer and songwriter, formed the band in 2010 as a way to play songs he compiled over the last decade. After his sister Katie DeConto joined as a backup singer, the band took on a different tone. She began playing keyboards, and eventually their brother, Stephen, started playing guitar. Making matters more related, husband-and-wife Tim and Laura Wooten came aboard on drums and keyboards, respectively, completing the current touring lineup.

"With Tim and Laura, we are fortunate. We have a rapport, camaraderie and trust. It's just the best lineup we've have since putting the band together," he said.

Like the album, Pinkerton Raid's shows spotlight the bands vocal strengths.

"We really emphasize the vocal harmonies and we try to make those standout. You get that on the record, and we're reproducing that in the live show," Jesse DeConto said. 

The DeContos grew up in the Northeast, but Jesse attended Cedarville College in Ohio. There, he met Erik Larsen, now the pastor of in Manayunk. That link, plus other Philadelphia-area friendships, sparked interested in a Manayunk show.

"When you're trying to promote a new record and no one has heard of you, you have to go to where people know you. At least that's my theory. So we're excited to come to the Grape Room," he said.

His songwriting draws on Jesse DeConto's folk and pop rock influences. He explains the band's sound as a blend of newer indie rock and folk rock. 

"People who dig indie rock and look back on folk and pop of 60s will identify with what we're doing," he said.

Additionally, the audience can expect some covers sprinkled in of related music, like The Beatles' "Dear Prudence," Fleetwood Mac's "Rhiannon," or songs from Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young.

The Pinkerton Raid play Thursday the Grape Room in Manayunk with That & the Vatican, The Static Reflex and Cameron DeWhitt. Doors open at 8 p.m.


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