4 Twin Homes Proposed for Shawmont Ave.

Rental units will be intended use, property owner says.

One Shawmont Avenue resident proposes building four twin homes at his property, with the intent of renting them, he said.

Ralph Sposato, owner at 16 Shawmont Ave., presented plans to the Residents of Shawmont Valley Civic Association Oct. 11 to add four twin houses on his 5.5 acres.

Located at the Shawmont-Umbria streets Y-intersection, the plan would develop previously uninhabited land. According to Sposato, he could legally build four, separate, single-family homes, but needs zoning variance to build the twins.

For the most part, the civic association consented with his plan. Sposato intends on continuing to live there and won't sell the subdivided property. He'll rent and serve as landlord.

Before he presents to the Philadelphia Zoning Board of Adjustment, he must iron out aspects involving setbacks from both the Green Tree Run tributary and Shawmont Avenue.

The waterway lies 100 feet back from the road, with a slope descending to it from most of the property. Currently, Sposato plans to build the homes about 15 feet back from Shawmont Avenue and 50 feet back from the creek.

However, neighbors want the twins back a little more. In advance of writing Sposato a letter of support, the civic wants to meet him on site, President David Cellini said.

That way, the group can see if requiring a permanent easement, to be included in approval, could both prevent future building and protect the flood plane.

Sposato, who has yet to receive his zoning rejection, encouraged residents to meet at 16 Shawmont Ave.


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