Acme Grocery Chain Sold

The brand has a strong presence in Lower Merion, but its future is uncertain.

Acme Markets, which operates two grocery stores in Roxborough, is among several chains the Supervalu company has sold to investment consortium Cerberus Capital Management, Supervalu announced Thursday.

There was no announcement from Supervalu or Cerberus about how the sale will affect the future of the grocery stores.

Acme has Andorra and Roxborough locations.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reported in July that moves by Supervalu executives seemed to indicate they were looking for buyers for Acme and their other grocery "banners".

Former Acme shopper January 16, 2013 at 08:16 PM
ACME is going to be totally liquidated according to Philly.Com, by its new owner-investors, for its real estate value. Already, ACME is scrimpimg on its quality. It has downgraded Lancaster Brand Beef from USDA Choice grade to a substandard commercial grade, which is tough as shoeleather. An older person could possibly choke to death on Lancaster Brand beef!!! Please patronize Brown's ShopRite for quality product, priced honestly, with unionized workers. Sandy and Jeff are close friends of the Obamas and Wendel YoungV. ShopRite is a co-op of American family-owned markets, which have no greedy stockholders to gouge shoppers and workers. It is expected that Jeff will acquire Germantown Avenue, Trader Joe's to take over Andorra, and Giant to move into the former Acme near RoxHosp.
Former Acme shopper January 16, 2013 at 09:01 PM
Maria, Philly.Com, and precious baby, will be first to report on sales of real estate and leases of all former Acmes and superstale superfreshes. Did they say Trader Joe's is coming to Rox?...How about sister ALDI for us on a budget, please.


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