Bunting House to Become a Wendy's

The property where the old Victorian home once stood is slated to become a Wendy's

Developers in charge of construction on the site of the former Bunting House revealed plans on Friday to build a Wendy's fast food restaurant where the historic home once stood, according to Central Roxborough Civic Association lawyer Hal Schirmer.

Constructed in the 1880s, the Victorian style home located at 5901 Ridge Ave. was demolished in mid-December after several civic organizations petitioned the city to stop its destruction.

Giovannone Construction, Inc. went ahead with the demolition after a Court of Common Pleas Judge denied an injunction filed by the Central Roxborough Civic Association and other civic organizations.

At the hearing in Dec., Hal Schirmer, attorney for the neighbors, asserted the city erred in issuing demolition permits as "vacant lot" is not an official use. He argued that demolition should be put off until either the L&I Review Board and/or the ZBA could rule on it.

Also at the Dec. hearing, the city asserted, through its attorney Andrew Ross, that "vacant lot" is the absence of a zoning use, and that city employees correctly granted the Giovannones permits.

The now demolished home was formerly owned by Dr. Ross Hunting, a noted physician in the early 20th century, who is buried across the street at St. Timothy's Episcopal Church.

"They told the neighbors they were going to build something nice," Schirmer said.  "Now we find out it's going to be a Wendy's."

Debbie Thomas March 01, 2013 at 02:12 PM
Jami isn't being racist. She's merely speaking the truth. If the Roxborough students are so well behaved then why is there a need for police cars to patrol up and down Ridge Avenue when school is dismissed? Also I have witnessed several confrontations between Roxborough H.S. and the WB Saul students at the Wissahickon Transfer center. Some of the Germantown students will be transferred to Roxborough. There's already been 2 articles in the Philadelphia Inquirer stating that there will be problems with the students in the schools like Germantown that will be closing. There's some kind of an idiotic "turf" thing going on.
Debbie Thomas March 01, 2013 at 02:24 PM
http://www.newsworks.org/index.php/local/item/50288 I know this mostly relates to the Germantown students that will be transferring to King H.S. However, you can bet that the students who transfer over to Roxborough will be causing problems too.
Donald P Ciotti June 01, 2013 at 06:31 PM
Bottom Dollar is coming to Roxyborough
Louise Fischer June 01, 2013 at 08:14 PM
I hope this is rumor, not fact. I will fight this as I don't feel it is adds any benefit to our neighborhood. We have ample supermarkets. I would think that most people who live here need to protect the value of their properties. It is usually our biggest and most important asset. I do not see Bottom Dollar as a benefit or an asset.
Donald P Ciotti June 02, 2013 at 06:10 PM
Louise, There is a very good chance that both Acme and SuperFresh will be closing very soon, due to corporate issues at both chains. That would leave Brown's ShopRite as the only food market in this great neighborhood.


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