Central Roxborough Civic Association Talks Spur Zoning Questions

Day care, four new twin homes to join neighborhood

The Central Roxborough Civic Association met at the Sept. 8 and President Ed Hotham began the meeting by introducing Carol Slattery of 433 Lyceum Avenue. She discussed her proposed daycare at this location, which also includes two apartments. The daycare welcomes infants to teens and holds up to 50 children. Questions were raised about the multi-family dwelling but Slattery said she does full background checks on her tenants. Hotham said the neighbors would take a vote for the zoning board.

Developer Andrew Molsen and his business partner were up next to request a variance to construct four new twin homes, two on Green Lane and two on Dupont Street. The site of the proposed hoouses is currently an abandoned parking lot. The units were touted as being for the middle, upper class with off-street parking and prices in the mid $300,000 range. The same developer also built the Smick Street town homes and both he and his partner are local residents.

Rain issues with the current impermeable concrete were addressed, as these buildings would have permeable concrete as well as a storm management system built on each property after being submitted and approved by the city. Grass would surround the homes and residents offered a number of other eco-friendly options.

The homes are estimated at 2,500 square feet each. The duo plans on returning with suggestions included and more detailed artist renderings.

Kenneth Bigos, operations manager at Roxborough Development Corporation, went over some local events and issues.

• On Oct. 1 and 2 there will be the Rox Arts Draw, highlighting area artists from noon to 6 p.m.

• Think of a new slogan for Roxborough and win a $100 prize with three to five words by Oct. 15, 2011

• The new construction schedule should be released by the fall


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