Dawn of New Advent at Ridge Ave. Firm

Mad River partner debuts Advent—three-in-one Roxborough firm.

For a business that intends to specialize in branding, among other skills, creating the perfect name is crucial. But when Joe DeCandido wanted to launch an advertising, event planning and entertainment firm, one name easily encapsulated that idea—Advent.

"The name encompasses exactly what we're trying to do. Plus, 'advent,' by definition means the arrival of something highly anticipated—perfect for a new campaign, emerging business, or new signage," DeCandido said.

A partner in , DeCandido launched his own firm, Advent, which opened in July and is located at 6074 Ridge Ave. in Roxborough. Before coming to Mad River, DeCandido, a Roxborough resident, worked in advertising. He combines that skill set with his event planning abilities honed at the Main Street bar.

Advent pledges a trifecta of services, including:

  • Organizing the advertising, social media and branding components of a business;
  • Coordinating events; and
  • Representing and booking emerging entertainment acts.

To start off, Advent will focus on small and mid-size businesses in Roxborough and Manayunk. DeCandido says he'll capitalize on the network he created at Mad River before expanding into the city.

The initial program DeCandido and his cohort, Sarah Donaldson, are pushing—Swap-a-Frame, an in-house advertising project that strives to create a network of framed ads in 1,000 locations in Roxborough and Manayunk.

DeCandido took the idea of framed bathroom advertising that national companies use and tweaked it for local companies—something that largely didn't exist. For a fee, local companies can buy framed ads at local bars, gyms and salons. If they offer ads at their business, then they will receive discounted rates on purchasing frame space.

He's targeting bars, like and Mad River, but also said businesses like and are on board—creating a more diverse offering.

"We're holding a lot of inventory and are looking to offer an effective advertising medium for small to mid-sized businesses," he said.

On the event side, Advent looks to make a splash with its inaugural event at Venice Lofts Sept. 8. Formerly a tenant-only picnic, the new event, dubbed "Fashion & Fare," is free with food, live music and the presence of local businesses, like .

Always looking for new talent, Advent also currently represents DJ Smiles, Studebaker Brown and Dell Harris.

Although the economy hasn't leveled off, DeCandido said he is confident that now is the time for Advent.

"I felt like, yes, the first thing you cut is an advertising budget, but you go home and brush your teeth with an advertised toothbrush and advertised toothpaste. Every successful business advertises—you can't cut that forever," he said. "Plus, with Swap-a-Frame, we're an inexpensive way to reach a lot of people with a huge return."

For now, Advent is settling into its new storefront on Ridge Avenue. DeCandido invites anyone to stop by and talking about opportunities.

Visit Advent's website or Twitter feed for more info.


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