Manayunk Fitness Entrepreneur Takes 'Boot Camp' on the Road

Roxborough-based 'Goals Fitness' has seen tremendous growth in three years, and is bringing its classes up Ridge Pike.

Editor's note: This article is a reprinted interview from Plymouth-Whitemarsh Patch. Kasey Manwaring owns on and recently expanded to hold classes in Conshohocken. See a boot camp .

Three years ago, Kasey Manwaring was laid off from her job in the healthcare industry. Rather than dusting off the resume and going back to the jobs board, Manwaring decided to take a different path: starting her own business, Goals Fitness.

Since then, the business has expanded from its original storefront in Roxborough to a second location in Manayunk, hired eight employees, and is now hosting classes around the region. Manwaring recently held her first ever class in Conshohocken's Sutcliffe Park, and we decided to interview the entrepreneur to find out why Conshohocken residents might want to give her "boot camp" a try.


Patch: So what is Goals Fitness all about?

Kasey Manwaring: Goals Fitness is all about making fitness FUN and a part of your everyday life. It is about helping you achieve your goals, whether they are to run a marathon, lose 15 lbs for your wedding, or just to tone up. Goals Fitness is there to help you accomplish it.  

Patch: How did Goals Fitness get started?

KM: Goals Fitness started in October of 2008. I had been in medical sales for three years and was laid off.  I went back and forth thinking if I should interview for another "real job,” or try and turn what I loved doing every day into a business. Without much hesitation, I rented out a small studio in Roxborough and started a personal training studio.

Three years later the business is booming, I have two studios-- one recently opened on Main Street in Manayunk-- and run boot camps in three different locations as well as have a Night Boot Camp in Roxborough. I also have eight employees.  

Patch: What is your background as an athlete? Have you developed any personal fitness philosophies?

KM: I played a little bit of everything in high school. Once I got to college, I started running on my own, and have become quite a good marathon runner. Highlights include being awarded First Philadelphian Female in the Philly Marathon in 2009 with a time of 3:02.  I love running and all the mental and physical benefits from it. It always puts me in a good mood and allows me to keep with my daily habit of eating ice cream.

In terms of personal fitness philosophies, I would say...no goals no glory! I strongly believe in setting a goal for yourself; it will get you up in the morning, it will make you work a little harder and it will ensure that you stay on the planned path to achieve it. My goal is to break three hours in the marathon.  So close, yet so far!

Patch: So you've expanded to Conshohocken, how'd that come to happen?

KM: By popular demand!

I started the very first Roxborough Boot Camp in May of 2009, the Wednesday after Memorial Day. It is a five-week program so it ends the Friday before the 4th of July.  The purpose was to get fit for summer. It was such a huge success that I kept it going year round. I added another location at the Art Museum last year, and just recently expanded to Conshohocken. I had received a few emails about it and thought it would be a great spot. The plan is to keep this going year round as well. 

The class is running Wednesday, May 30th through Friday, June 29th. We meet every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6-7 a.m.  The five-week program is $165.00.   

Patch: Where are classes held? How has the reception been so far?

KM: Classes are held at Sutcliffe Park and the reception has been great. Nineteen people signed up, and each day I have been receiving interest from friends of the boot campers that are attending, as well as people who see us there in the morning working out.  We will definitely keep this going. 

Patch: Who should consider attending classes in Conshohocken? What do you offer?

KM: Everyone! No excuses at 6 a.m. in the morning, and all fitness levels are welcome. We have all different fitness levels, and our instructors are experts at making it a challenging workout for everyone. Being that we do have all fitness levels, no one feels left out or discouraged.  

Patch: How can people who are interested get involved?

KM: Check out www.goalsfit.com or better yet email me at goalsfitness@hotmail.com. Feel free to call Goals with any questions at 610-457-5424. 


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