Grab Lunch on National Pierogy Day

The Pierogie Kitchen in Roxborough offers perfect way to celebrate holiday.

Pennsylvania, as a whole, and one shop in Roxborough are celebrating National Pierogy Day Monday.

Located on Roxborough Avenue, the Pierogie Kitchen readies itself for the alternative to Columbus Day Oct. 8. Additionally, the Pennsylvania General Assembly passed a resolution making Monday "Pierogy Day."

Shenandoah, PA-based Mrs. T's Pierogies celebrates the fourth annual holiday as also the 60-year anniversary of the company. According to a news release, the family-owned company annually sells 600 million pierogies—enough to give the 10,960 2012 Olympic athletes 4,562 boxes of pierogies.

Pierogies themselves found their way to the United States at the turn of the 20th century, as an import of Eastern Europe. The pasta and potato combo grew to notoriety in the 1940’s as a mainstay at church fundraisers in neighborhoods in the Northeast and throughout the upper-Midwest.

Locally, the Pierogie Kitchen, off Henry Avenue, invites residents to enjoy some of their 28 pierogy varieties, which people can check out on its Facebook page. The shop is open until 6 p.m. Monday.

For more info on Mrs. T's, visit its website here.


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