Great Escapes: Gardens

Check out these local resources for your gardening fix.

Despite the lingering winter chill, spring has sprung and it’s time to dig out those gardening shovels and buy some seeds.

There’s a lot of potential for your gardening season, but it’s best to get in the know now and see what resources are available to you for a successful harvest. And what better way to escape than with your own patch of green?

Even if you are lacking in yard space, there is plenty around to share. Below are just a few gardening resources you should look into and read up on as the days grow longer and the frost finally, finally thaws.

1. Roxborough Community Garden – 8230 Ridge Avenue is home to the local community garden, which is hosted by the Roxborough Presbyterian Church and has flourished and become a great spot for those who don’t have the space for their own backyard gardens. Come out April 30 for the Rockin’ in the Garden Work Party, which will prepare the garden for the upcoming growing season and feature live music and children’s activities.

2. Philadelphia Gardens – If you have the space but aren’t sure where to begin, Philadelphia Gardens will totally show you how to utilize your green space to full capacity. The business focuses on design, installation and upkeep for all sorts of beautifully-created spaces in the area. This landscaper also focuses on a green, sustainable approach to its practices. Contact toniann@philadelphiagardens.com for details.

3. Secret Garden – This local garden center, located at 7631 Ridge Avenue, is beloved by its neighbors and offers an array of healthy plants and friendly service, which, no matter what way you slice it, is key to understanding how to grow a successful garden. The workers are knowledgeable and helpful, which is perfect for a first-time gardener trying to understand lighting and soil conditions for their new purchases.  

4. – This stand at 7100 Ridge Ave is home to tons of decorative and functional plants for your growing and cultivating needs. The name truly says it all – whether you’d like to start at the beginning and grow your own plants or stop by and pick up some fresh produce, this is the stop for you. But why not do both? Pick up your favorite fruits and vegetables and their starter plant counterparts to motivate your green thumb.

5. - Don't be fooled by the title. There’s nothing wrong with tooting your own horn once in awhile, and Mt. Airy Patch has maintained its Mt. Airy Gardener column for months, bringing you a ton of information you need as an urban gardener in the area. Columnist Jane Carroll and others have created a plethora of gardening guides, from to winterizing tips and beyond. Stay tuned for a cornucopia of spring gardening tips and ideas. There's nothing wrong with some help from your neighbors!

Rita April 01, 2011 at 10:39 PM
Did the person who wrote this ever actually go to R and R produce ? I got "produce" there and it was rotten . And their plants are mostly dead and are over priced . Their staff is horrible and doesnt help what so ever .


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