Moms Restaurant Roundup: Tommy Gunns to Samurai

Patch reviews Tommy Gunns, Wing Star, Manny’s Place, Manoa Diner and Deli, The Wine Thief, Great American Pub, Great Harvest Bread Co. and Samurai

Looking for a restaurant that is family friendly?

This week, Roxborough-Manayunk Patch reviewed  on  how kid-friendly it is. BBQ is the name of the game here and they definitely deliver. Sweet and savory pulled pork sandwiches and fries are perfect for the kids or you (obviously the kids will probably only be able to eat half).  for the review.


This weekend, Patch has reviews of restaurants around the area. Find out which ones have kids’ menus and which ones are paying the most attention to food allergies.


Kid-friendly items all over the menu: delicious chicken wings, chicken tenders and an actual kid menu with favorites like hot dogs. for the review.


Macaroni and cheese and chicken tenders make the grade here but beware of the abundance of seafood options, those with shellfish allergies may want to stay away. for the review.


A bustling diner with sandwiches, burgers and breakfast specials. Perfect for the whole family and a staff that is particularly willing to handle all sorts of dietary restrictions (it says it on the menu) to boot. for the review.


A great kids menu is just one of the draws of this place. The fried chicken is organic and there is homemade applesauce. For the grown-ups there is a fantastic wine list and cocktails. for the review.


Bring the family in for some honest to goodness pub fare and a cold beer (for you). The kids will love the spaghetti or grilled cheese. The semi-open kitchen might also be a fun attraction for any future chefs of America for the review.


Pick up some whole grain or low-carb bread for peanut butter and jelly, turkey sandwiches or grilled cheese. Also noteworthy are the gluten-free breads they sometimes have available. for the review.


No official kids menu but there are kid-friendly items. Edamame, shumai and gyoza are usually a hit as are tempura fried items. Also notable is the lack of gluten-laden items since the main starch here is rice.  for the review.


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