Neighbors Say 'No Thanks' to LED Hospital Sign

Roxborough Memorial Hospital goes back to drawing board with sign proposal.

Although civic association members appreciated the local hospital's sentiments, they rejected a proposal for a LED-lit sign on Ridge Avenue.

The Central Roxborough Civic Association Nov. 1 requested a different route for new signage at Roxborough Memorial Hospital, disagreeing with a plan for LED lights.

After Prime Health Systems purchased the financially floundering Ridge Avenue and installing Peter Adamo as CEO, the facility has worked to improve its grounds. On Thursday, he described additions: better lighting, free parking, improved vegetation management and fencing.

"It's a different hospital than it was one year ago," he said.

Continuing that trend, Adamo approached the civic association about an illuminated 16-foot-by-6-foot sign with 4-foot-by-6-foot being a LED board with rotating messages. The sign would sit at Jamestown Street, near the current flagpole, which would relocate to the parking circle.

Adamo said he wanted to better get the hospital's name out there and also provide a free community bulletin board.

"I'm interested in putting messages up there. Abour our hospital programs. But also, if the YMCA or St. Timothy's or (the civic association) wants to put messages up there, we can do it," Adamo said. 

Neighbors appreciated his sentiment and the approach—Adamo first appeared before the civic association prior to zoning. However, members steadfastly opposed the plan.

"There's so much signage in this area already," one resident said.

"I think LED lights are, by definition, unseemly," said Kevin Smith, who also criticized the hospital for longer taking his HMO (which Adamo said was a prolonged negotiation with the provider).

Another resident, Bob Speer, said the ultra-modern LED lights clash with the atmosphere the Roxborough Development Corporation strives to create for the Ridge Avenue business corridor.

"I think you're trying to provide a service to the neighborhood... but we want to see something less 21st century, and more turn of the century," he said.

Neighbors echoed point, saying they preferred a different style in signage. One suggested idea was something more rustic, possibly stone and if lit, then lit from the bottom. 

Adamo took the LED sign off the table and said he'd go back to the drawing board.

Before he left, he heard some positive feedback from one resident.

"I live on Houghton Street and raised concerns before about grass in the rear... I want to say now, 'thank you.'"


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