ShopRite Asks for Community Input in Renovation

Roxborough supermarket meeting unrelated to potential food co-op, owner says.

As continues its renovation, the supermarket's owners are asking the neighborhood for input—and it's unrelated to the food cooperative project.

On Thursday at 6 p.m., the Brown's Family ShopRite on Ridge Avenue will host a community meeting to see how the store could better work in aspects the neighborhood might desire.

"What we try to do, when looking to update a store, is we'll have a community meeting like the one," Sandy Brown said. "We want to meet with people in the community to see if there's any other food offerings we could be carrying." and what kind of charities are going on."

With her husband, Brown purchased the store at 6901 Ridge Ave. 25 years ago. Since then, the Browns acquired or built 10 total stores. They'll launch an 11th supermarket in Hunting Park next year.

Brown said they try to keep all their stores up-to-date, and, because it was their first location, Roxborough is "very near and dear to our hearts," she said. In addition, they are looking to help with local charity events and organizations.

A Link to the Co-op?

In Roxborough and Manayunk, food choice has recently become a topic of conversation a food cooperative (maybe) with .

The ShopRite meeting comes about a month to discuss a local food co-op. Brown said the timing was by chance, as she never even heard of the cooperative project.

"We wish people the best in any effort like that they may be doing. Honestly, we just happen to be remodeling. We want this meeting to discuss how we can fill the needs of everyone," she said. "It's coincidental."

Brown said she understood the draw of a food cooperatives, but she said the convenience a ShopRite offers is better for people on the go.

"A cooperative is a wonderful opportunity for people to be involved in a food system, but my goal is to offer a one-stop shopping for them," she said.

Updates Underway

Patrons may have already noticed renovations at ShopRite. Brown said they replaced flooring, painted and expanded food offerings—like more glutten-free and organic food. 

In addition, ShopRite launched a Chinese food buffet, sushi and will debut gourmet sandwiches made to order.

"There's some different food service offerings... We felt we haven't met those needs as well as we want to," she said.

American Heritage Federal Credit Union , and will host a grand opening June 15.

The May 31 meeting begins at 6 p.m. at the ShopRite.

rich alba May 31, 2012 at 07:08 PM
why don't you hire within the neighborhood that supports you!!!


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