Skirts for Spring

Spring skirts help transition wardrobes from cooler to warmer weather.

There are few clothing items that are quite as versatile as the skirt. Paired with tights and sweater, they work for winter, and also in the spring and fall, when they can be worn with a light jacket.

Often, the same skirt can be worn year-round with different pieces to match the weather. During the transition from winter to spring, (and then from spring to summer), skirts are essential to keeping wardrobes fresh and flexible.

One of the best shops in town for killer skirts is Greene Street Consignment. They carry racks and racks of all different kinds of skirts, from business casual to short and flirty. Items from stores like Ann Taylor and J. Crew can be scooped up for half the price, and Greene Street is great about keeping their merchandise updated according to season.

The key to finding a good, versatile skirt is to check that the material isn’t too light or too heavy. Fabrics like wool and tweed are strictly designed for winter and late fall, and won’t translate well into the warmer temperatures of spring. A cotton skirt in a darker color like blue, green, black or grey is ideal because it can be paired with a cardigan in the winter or a flowy, floral top in the spring.

Transition skirts can also be worn with different kinds of footwear. A short floral mini looks great with winter’s knee-length boots and a casual top. And knee-length skirts can be lightened up with a pair of wedge sandals, which flatter the legs and keep toes cool.

Whether you’re going bare-legged or still need protection in the form of tights or leggings, most versatile skirts will function well with either. Casual occasions call for skirts in patterns like stripes or florals. Throwing on a blazer or cardigan completes the look, and shoes can be either playful flats or chunky platform sandals.

For a night out, a sequined skirt can be worn with black tights if it’s chilly, or go bare legged and pair the skirt with a pair of classic pumps.

It’s easy to make the sometimes confusing transition from winter to spring with a few great skirts hanging in the closet. Comb the racks for the perfect skirt–not too long or short, medium-weight material and a mixable print or solid color.

Be sure the skirt is study–it is sure to get a lot of wear in the coming months.


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