Traveling Barber Moseys Down the Ridge

Ollie's Traveling Barber reopens in former Initial Touch space.

Oliver Coleman, by trade, works on the move. So relocation from one Roxborough storefront to another occurred seamlessly—Ollie's Traveling Barber closed over a weekend and reopened by Sept. 6, losing few business days.

"We did it all, my boys and I. Moved all the equipment, took up the floor, replaced the walls. It only took us four days," he said.

The barber, who specializes in visits to sick customers or those confined to their homes, moved from 6118 Ridge Ave. to 6007 Ridge Ave., formerly the long-time location for the Initial Touch Monogramming, which closed in June.

Coleman debuted in Roxborough about two years ago, but never felt comfortable across the street and a block up from his new location. At his new home, he said he's saving money and getting more out of it.

"It's half the rent here. I was actively looking for a while, and when I saw this opened up, I got very interested," he said, adding utilities were an issue at his former shop and he only pays for electricity now.

The storefront certainly is important for Coleman, who sees customers from Monday to Saturday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. But the space didn't justify the price for him, especially since he often pops out for private, at-home appointments.

Though fairly new to Roxborough, Coleman's cut hair in Philadelphia and suburbs for over 20 years. He found his niche in working with hospitals, retirement homes or making house calls to those unable to seek services in Philadelphia and Montgomery County.

Recently, Coleman traveled to Willow Grove to style a paralyzed man.

"It was very sad, but he and his wife were so happy. I'm lucky in that I fill a void in the area," he said. "People might be sick, but they feel pride in getting their haircut, looking good. No one is going to places I go."

For now, Coleman works as the only barber at the shop—so if you see his shop closed, he can know he's on the road. However, his eldest son currently is attending barber school and should join the traveling barber soon, allowing those near and far to Roxborough to simultaneously get their hair cut.

Ollie's Traveling Barber is located at 6007 Ridge Ave. 610-764-5936. Visit his Facebook page here.

Karen February 13, 2013 at 01:55 AM
I am so proud of my husband and my son Ollie they made a difference ion ridge ave by employing people and also teaching men how to cut hair giving them a trade give people self worth God Bless ridge ave for accepting the Coleman men into their neighborhood


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