Three Missing/Found Pets Reported

A look at CraigList ads in the area.

With a booming pet population, Roxborough and Manayunk also experiences those dogs and cats going missing. 

Periodically, we will run a compilation of CraigsList's ads that focus on missing or found animals.

Found puppy

  • A resident posted about finding a approximately 4-year-old, skinny male dog at Maggiano's Collision Center on Silverwood Street, near Leverington Avenue.
  • "I fed him and have him in my yard right now because my cats are scared of him. I plan to have him checked for a microchip. If I cannot locate the owner, I already know of someone who can give him a good home."
  • View the ad here.

Found dog

  • Someone posted info on finding a dog in East Falls, near Manayunk.
  • View the ad here.

Lost gray cat

  • A cat named Smokey went missing in Roxborough April 19. The gray calico cat is 2-year-old, wears a blue collar with bell and an ID tag with "SMOKEY" on it. 
  • A reward is offered.
  • View the ad here.
Robert April 03, 2013 at 04:04 PM
my cat fluffy came home on Palm Sunday. She was missing for a month. When she got out she had a collar on when she came home the collar was off and her shoulders were bleeding. I think she was stuck in the wooded field next to my house, she must have got stuck on something by her collar she lost so much weight she was able to get free from her collar to come home. She is doing fine now. Thank you for running my ad in the lost and found. Robert M


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