Blaze Into Fall With Fashionable Layers

Blazers add a dash of sophistication and style to any fall outfit.

Summer 2011 had a great ride, but it is slowly winding down to make way for what is sure to be a delightful fall.Most fashionistas favor the month of pumpkins and leaf-raking because of how versatile you can get with your outfits. Gone are the days of dressing for the heat, now you can cover up with lovely layers and fun accessories.

My all-time favorite article of cool-weather clothing is the blazer. The mere presence of a blazer can bring an outfit from "OK" to "wow." They add structure, sophistication, and, often, a pop of color to an otherwise average ensemble.

Blazers are no longer just for the boardroom - I love pairing them with everything from leggings to dresses to shorts. They can make a casual outfit dressy and a dressy outfit edgy. There really isn't enough praise I can give the classic blazer. So if you don't already have an extensive collection of this wardrobe staple, choose from any of these beginner options:

The colorful blazer: Besides your basic black, every closet should have a blazer in a fun, eye-catching color like red, pink, or royal blue. Tossing one on over a lazy-day jeans and t-shirt combo will bring you to new fashion heights, and will probably make you the envy of all your friends. Try scouring a thrift shop like for used blazers in a rainbow of colors - it's better to save your clothing allowance for  more versatile pieces.

The boyfriend blazer: Recent blazer trends have included over-sized blazers paired with leggings or skinny jeans. Check out the great selection of skin-hugging ponte trousers at for a flattering, slimming cut. The proportions contrast of loose on top, tight on bottom is a great one, and it works for most body types. Boyfriend blazers also look cute worn over a cocktail dress on your way out. When it gets chilly, you won't have to bother your actual boyfriend for his blazer.

The mini-blazer: Cropped blazers are a great look for women with a small frame - the short length will give the illusion of height. A blazer with a three-quarter length sleeves pairs well with dresses and skirts - they make layering easy and flattering. A glance through the racks at should reveal some trendy cropped blazers from places like H&M and Forever 21.

If you aren’t already a blazer addict, prepare to clear your shelves for more of these fall-friendly items. Pretty soon, you won’t remember what you ever did without them.


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