Editor's Notebook: Welcome to Roxborough-Manayunk Patch

Editor discusses new site for Philadelphia.

I know what you're thinking.

Where does this kid get off by moving into my town, bugging all the officials, and making a commotion for some crummy blog? 

I know, I know. If I had my druthers, we'd get our news from Cronkite, kick back with the evening papers, and listen to Amos and Andy on the radio. Sadly, all traditional news mediums have failed to evolve with the times, and we're forced to deal with people like me.

And we're all better for it.

Newspapers may not be saved, but the news will. And that will happen by giving it back to the people. News must be hyperlocal; that hyperlocal news must be online; and the reader must have a large part in the online hyperlocal news process. 


Patch.com—and specifically this Roxborough-Manayunk site—will provide you, the reader, with real time news on all the happenings that are important to you. Separate from blogs, our news is delivered by professional journalists and writers who care about what we cover. More importantly, we care about you.

No event is too small. We don't want to hear, "that's never been done before." We don't take no for an option. 

The content as you know it is still here: news, sports, education, politics. However, our round-the-clock coverage in addition to newer multimedia mediums—our videos—set us apart. 

Another great Patch aspect is that we are part of the community. Although not from Philadelphia, I grew up in New Jersey, attended La Salle University and loved the city for years. More importantly, I plan on getting involved. Patch greatly believes in the power of volunteering and even dedicates specific sections of our site to the worthy endeavor.

For the past year, I lived in Northern New Jersey and ran a Patch site for the village of Ridgewood. In my time there, I became intimately involved in all aspects—professionally and personally—of village life. When I was offered the opportunity to return to Philadelphia, I dove in, and have been living and reporting in Manayunk for a month now.

As you'll see we've digitalized your town. Scan through our site, and you'll see detailed listings from the post office to the elementary schools to the Crossroads Coffee House (even Starbucks gets a listing).

On top of that, you will always know who we are. Unlike standard print publications where a man-behind-the-curtain aspect exists, Patch is upfront about individuals and their beliefs. If you wander around our "About Us" page, you'll see biographies on our contributors. 

A lions-share of the reporting comes from me. Check out my bio to see my own inherent biases. However, by being open about my beliefs, I hope to overcome that and always give every subject a fair shake. And if I don't, call me on it: Write a letter to the editor, comment on stories, suggest your own column topic.

There's no secret journalism password to get involved. This site is Roxborough and Manayunk—equally. All are welcome. That's why our site is designed to incorporate user content. You can post announcements about major accomplishments in your loved ones' lives; try listing your church picnic on our events calendar; or even upload photos of anything Rox.-Man-related.

So, hello, Roxborough and Manayunk. I'm Sam. Nice to meet you. Contact me day or night. I'm here to help.


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