Kids Eat Local: Ali Baba Palace

Know what to expect when you go out to eat with the kids.

Getting time to eat out is hard enough and sometimes bringing the kids is just part of the plan. So before you go, be sure to know if is the right pick for you and the kids.


Is there a kids’ menu? Not specifically; but if your child is adventurous and open to Persian cuisine, he/she shouldn’t have a hard time finding an agreeable meal.

Are there healthy options? Yes; Ali Baba Palace’s entrées are freshly cooked and most are served with rice and vegetables.

How does the restaurant deal with food allergies? Let your server now about any food allergies, so that they may guide you in your choices for your child.

Is the restaurant so quiet that any childish outburst will draw attention or is there enough noise that a small cry is likely to go unnoticed? Yes; Ali Baba Palace is a very confined restaurant, so an upset child could be an issue.

Is there enough room for a stroller? Possibly; the dining area isn’t huge, and while you could squeeze a stroller between tables, it would most likely be uncomfortable.

Is there a baby changing station in the restroom? 

Name of Restaurant: Ali Baba Palace
Location: 4165 Main Street, Philadelphia, PA 19127
Phone Number: 215-483-1629
Basic menu pricing: $$
Do they take credit cards? Yes
Hours: Wed, Thurs & Sun: 5:00pm – 9:00pm; Fri & Sat: 5:00pm – 10:00pm
Online: Website & Menu

Check back on Thursday for a complete review.


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