$350,000 Bail Set for Alleged Burglar in Andorra Shooting—Courts Say

Timothy Zgrzepski charged with six felony counts in botched July robbery attempt.

The alleged burglar involved in a July 23 incident where a the accused's partner in crime was charged with six felony counts and has a $350,000 bail, court records indicate.

Tim Zgrzepski, 29, was charged with criminal conspiracy, burglary, carjacking, criminal trespass, theft/unlawful taking, theft—receiving stolen property, and possession of an instrument of crime, Philadelphia Police spokesperson Officer Christine O'Brien said Monday. All, but the last charge, are felonies, she said.

The Kensington man was arraigned July 24, where bail was set at $350,000, according to court records. Zgrzepski did not post bail and is currently held at the Curran-Fromhold Correctional Facility in Northeast Philadelphia.

Early July 23, police said Zgrzepski and Edward Mehlberger, 39, attempted to steal a van at the home of a Warminster Township police officer on the 8700 block of Sagamore Road in Andorra.

The officer, who police did not identify, confronted Zgrzepski outside, and returned inside to find Mehlberger yielding a crowbar. The officer shot and killed Mehlberger, while Zgrzepski stole the officer's 2001 Honda Odyssey and fled.

Police arrested Zgrzepski in Sprinfield Township. The vehicle was recovered on Old Line Road in Andorra.

Both Zgrzepski and Mehlberger have previous criminal records, court records indicate.

Zgrzepski was found guilty and incarcerated for theft from vehicle charges in 2002 and 2008, records indicate. He was also found guilty and sentenced to probation in 2007 for a similar crime.

Mehlberger served prison time for narcotics possession, theft, and burglary, according to records.

Zgrzepski will face a preliminary hearing August 7 at Philadelphia Municipal Court.

Melanie August 01, 2012 at 01:21 PM
And are we surprised these two criminals continued to commit crime? The only "justice" was that they crossed the wrong victim.
Moe August 01, 2012 at 04:54 PM
Agreed Melanie. At least one of them will not be returning to his former occupation.
aimz August 17, 2012 at 12:10 AM
former occupation??? do u no the man that was killed? no im sure u dont...thats whats wrong with people now a days they run their mouths n talk bad about people they have no clue about! u dont no what that man endured in his life time. also as a police officer who been on the force for years should of been trained better then to empty his whole gun into an "UNARMED" man,he was someones father,son,uncle,brother!!!..a real police officer would of took him down the way he was trained not take it into his own hands n excessively shoot a man like that! it was murder! but hes a police officer so they say it was ok! just no that if someone breaks into ur home n u shoot that person 8-9 times n ur not a police officer then prepare to do jail time!


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