Apartment Burglaries Up, Police Say

5th District Police want Roxborough residents to be on the look out for apartment burglaries.

Residents of Upper Roxborough need to be on the look out for apartment burglaries, which have been up in 2013, according to 5th Police District Community Relations Officer Charlie Kline.

Kline, who spoke at the Upper Roxborough Civic Association meeting Wednesday, said that police have been responding to more apartment burglaries in the past few weeks, highlighting apartment complexes in the Upper Roxborough area as being specifically targeted.

Police suspect that the person involved may have been responsible for robberies back in October ’12, Kline said.

“These apartment burglaries started in October, then stopped,” he said. “Now they’ve been happening again. We believe [whoever did this before] has come back. People need to be careful of who the let into their apartment.”

Kline urged residents to make sure they were locking their doors when leaving their apartments for any extended period of time.

“These kinds of things can happen day or night,” he said. “Sadly, sometimes when people leave for the day they aren’t locking their doors. What we’ve seen is a burglar will knock on two or three doors at once and if he finds that no one is home, they can hit all three at once.”

Kline told residents the best thing to do is to make sure doors are locked and be careful about suspicious people with an apartment complex. He advised residents to call the police if something or someone seems out of place.

Debbie Thomas February 14, 2013 at 01:39 PM
Probably whoever was doing them in October went to jail and was released already. That's how the awful justice system works in Philadelphia.
J. March 07, 2013 at 12:24 PM
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