Man Bites Woman, Cake Stolen: OMG PD

Check out these unusual stories from the Greater Philadelphia Area.

A Twist on Your Regular "Man Bites Dog" Story: According to a report from Phoenixville Patch, an area man was arrested after he bit his wife during a domestic dispute. I'll let you guys make your own jokes. Read the full story here.

I Mean, I Hear that Stuff is Expensive: According to a report from Marple-Newtown Patch, four women stole approximately $400 in baby clothes from an area store. I don't know a lot about baby clothes, but if what I hear it true, that probably means each woman got away with a tiny t-shirt and nothing else. Click here for the full story.

An Open-and-Shut Cake: There isn't much to this one beyond the basic information, but according to a report from TE Patch an unknown person walked into Acme, grabbed a sheet cake and walked out without paying. Here's the full story.


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