Police: $80K Stolen from Andorra Apartment

The following arrest and crime information was supplied by the 5th District of the Philadelphia Police Department. It does not indicate a conviction.

Nearly $80,000 in valuables were taken from three people at 7900 Henry Ave., Philadelphia Police said.

On Sept. 2, three residents at the apartment building told police that someone broke into a bedroom window and ransacked the apartment.

In total, $78,435 in items were taken, police said. That included personnel jewelry, electronics and clothing.

One resident said he owns a wholesale wireless corporation. He reported $10,000 in cash stolen, in addition to 29 cell phones.

Other police news:

Theft from Building

  • An employee at Bloom Eye Associates at 525 Jamestown St. reported her purse stolen from her desk while working. She reported $180 worth of items take.
  • A resident at 4300 Manayunk Ave. told police someone removed nearly $1,800 in jewelry from his bedroom.
  • During a softball game at Kendrick Recreation Center, four players reported items stolen during the game. Three people had bags with valuables in them, while another person lost his wallet. About $2,000 was taken.
  • While at Roma's Pizza with a friend, a woman told police she left her purse on the table and used the restroom. When she returned, the friend, a male, was gone, as was the purse. More than $110 was taken.
  • More than $200 in prescription drugs were taken from a home on 7000 Ridge Ave.
  • An employee at St. Mary's Episcopal Church reported $400 in valuables and cash stolen her purse. 
  • While moving out at 7900 Henry Ave. a woman left her apartment unlocked and someone stole her Coach purse, which contained $750 in valuables, including $200 cash. 
  • A resident on 4500 Mitchell St. reported $20,000 in jewelry stolen from a locked bedroom safe. She said several people had keys who could have opened it.


  • Nearly a month after a woman found items missing from her apartment, she reported it to police. A woman at 6100 Henry Ave. said she thought someone stole three gold rings but only told police after she heard a neighbor also had a break-in
  • A resident from 7000 Valley Ave. said people entered his apartment from an unlocked bedroom window and stole a laptop and jewelry. 
  • An unknown person pried open a lock and broke into a home on 600 Walnut Lane. A resident told police more than $1,500 in electronic were taken.
  • Someone smashed into a home on 300 Leverington Ave. by breaking the rear glass door and took a jewelry box with $1,500 of valuables in it.
  • The Umbria Golf Center reported a break-in where someone stole a cash register with $330 and also broke into a soda machine.
  • Police said someone broke into a home at 7700 Lawnton St. and stole $7,800 in valuables, including $2,000 in cash.

Theft from Vehicles

  • A silver laptop was taken from a 2001 tan Nissan X-Terra at 600 Rector St.
  • Philadelphia Police arrested a Roxborough man after a police officer observed him stealing from a vehicle parked in the Ivy Ridge Train Station. After a foot pursuit, he was arrested and items were returned to owner.


  • CVS on Main Street reported nearly $830 worth of razors stolen by a female. The woman stuffed them into a duffel bag and fled on foot.
  • The Kohl's on Henry Avenue reported someone shoplifted a gold necklace and sandals. She placed them in her purse and attempted to pay for other items, when she was caught, detained and arrested. Later that day, another female was also arrested for stealing several jewelry items.
  • Super Fresh said a man stole $420 worth of baby food and fled in a green Ford Explorer.
  • Kohls, in another instance, reported an employee stealing $546 worth of valuables. A supervisor observed her take the items into a dressing room, remove tags and stuff them into her purse.

Automobile Stolen

  • Police said a man who parked his 2003 Ford Taurus on 100 Cotton Street got his car stolen while visiting friends.
RJ Toole September 28, 2012 at 06:10 PM
Love that this is reported here. Keep this up please!
Antonio September 30, 2012 at 05:19 AM
This is great but could you please put the dates that this incidents occurred? I saw a few that I think happened a few months ago. Thanks
Alawishes J. Kornberg September 30, 2012 at 05:59 PM
Great, that this is reported on Patch. Keep it up. Thank you.
Jim Michini October 02, 2012 at 01:47 PM
This amount of crime sickens me, I was doing Town Watch from 1995-2004. We must get more people out on the streets with two-way radios and act as the eyes for the police, I follow the blotter every week and seems more and more of these high dollar crimes happening, I've never seen it escalate this bad with what seems like planned, thought out. crimes. I for one plan to go to the next Town Watch Meeting at the 5Th district and if there is none I for one want to try get people together & organized and start a town watch, obtain town watch radios but people need to volunteer (just 2 hours a month) we need foot patrols, people driving looking for suspicious behavior and report it, The Police are doing a great job taking down these criminals, but we need more eyes out there, It almost seems we're a easy target
Anne G. October 09, 2012 at 01:43 PM
I agree that the Patch is very informative, please keep us posted since our local paper the Review, tells us nothing.


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