Police: Don't Leave Valuables Exposed in Cars

Local police offer tips to prevent thefts from cars.

Though often an issue in Roxborough and Manayunk, Philadelphia Police warned residents to hide or remove valuables from parked cars for any duration of time.

From Feb. 6 to Feb. 19, responded to 13 incidents related to thefts from autos, according to police records.

In a warning from the 5th District Quality of Life Department, police offered the following tips:

  • Keep cell phones, purses, gifts and packages out of sight
  • Use antitheft devices
  • Always lock your vehicle
  • When in doubt, remove valuables from your car

Of incidents in recent weeks, most thefts were of less than $200 and often occurred overnight.

On Feb. 6., five residents on 6900 Shalkop St. in Roxborough reported items taken from their vehicles parked overnight. In some of those occasions, owners left their cars unlocked, making entry pretty easy.

Commonly, according to police records, people leave purses or computer bags in cars, providing thieves a quick target.

Police invite residents to call 215-686-3052 for quality of life issues.


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