Police to Launch Burglary Deterrence Program

Registering possessions with Philadelphia Police allows better tracking.

In the densely populated residential areas that are Roxborough and Manayunk, home burglaries do happen. Often in the weekly police reports from the 5th District, we detail incidents where residents have TVs, computer or other electronics stolen from their homes.

With a new program launching in January, the Philadelphia Police Department will debut a deterrent that intends to prevent or, at least, better track stolen items.

Operation ID is a voluntary registration system where citizens can log items' serial numbers with police, which will give law enforcement admissible evidence in court.

"The program will be labeling personal property with a state driver license or state ID card and record serial numbers," 5th District Community Relations Officer Charlie Kline said.

Citizens may register TVs, guns, kitchen appliances, computers, GPS devices, and cell phones, he said.

"Participants are then provided with a window sticker to display and let burglars now they have been labeled," Kline said.

If a burglar is caught with labeled property, it's "solemn evidence of possession of stolen goods," Kline said.

For more information, visit PhillyPolice.com or call 215-686-3050.

jfm December 22, 2012 at 12:10 AM
One of the criminal informants is doing most of the robberies..


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