Small Sunday Kitchen Fire Barely Slows Down Dunkin' Donuts

Weekend fire disrupts afternoon but doesn't impact weekday service.

Time to re-make the doughnuts.

A small kitchen fire struck the Sunday afternoon, temporarily closing the Roxborough establishment—but not for long.

Executive Chief for the Richard Davidson said Monday that crews were dispatched to 5643 Ridge Ave. at 4:04 p.m. May 20. In addition to Dunkin' Donuts, the establishment houses a and convenience store at the Ridge and Shurs/Walnut Lane shop.

Davidson said the small fire was already extinguished when the fire department arrived. Crews secured the scene and worked with the health department.

A store employee said Monday the shop had to throw away some merchandise, but it was a pretty minor event. The store reopened shortly after the fire, and was completely back to normal Monday morning.


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