Three Break-ins at Domino Lane Apartments, Police Say

October burglaries reported at The Metropolitan.

Three separate Roxborough apartments were burglarized in mid-October, Philadelphia Police.

The Metropolitan at Manayunk Hill (450 Domino Lane) told police Oct. 12 that three units were broken into, according to police records.

Police responded to three break-ins occurred within 20 minutes of each other, around 10:30 a.m.

A resident awoke to find a male going through his apartment. He screamed, the man fled, and the man called Philadelphia Police. However, the man escaped before police arrived.

The burglar pried his front door open and took the resident's Dell Laptop.

When police were on scene, they noticed two other attached apartments units were also burglarized. One resident said nearly $3,000 in valuables were taken, and the other said about $1,500 were taken.

Police recovered a white pillowcase in the apartment's hallway, which contained a pocketbook, iPad and laptop that residents reported missing. They were returned.

At the scene, police said they lifted latent finger prints. Police did not release a detailed description of the burglar.


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