Advertising Coming Soon to City Buildings, Cars

More than 4,000 city vehicles are eligible for wrap or roof advertising, Philly.com reported.

Philadelphia municipal buildings, libraries and trash trucks may soon be the canvas for multi-million dollar advertising campaigns.

According to a report on Philly.com, 12 companies have responded to the city’s request for proposals to manage ads on municipal properties and vehicles. There is still time for more to come forward as the deadline for a response is Thursday.

More than 4,000 city vehicles are eligible for wrap or roof advertising. Buildings may get wall wraps, digital signs and projections, Philly.com reported.  

PhillyRes May 10, 2014 at 06:50 AM
I am uneducated on this so pardon my assumption but didn't legislation just pass to try and lower the number of billboards in the city and along highways? This seems contradictory in a "we can do it but you can't" manner, also didn't Unisys or some other company want to move headquarters here but the city put up a fuss about them putting a sign on the building they wanted to occupy a few years back? Again I may be mistaken but believe this was the case and some food for thought? It should also be noted as long as this is done tastefully and responsibly I am all for the city earning revenue this way, the artistically painted philly recycle trucks look awesome and don't think ads on them would be a problem. I also see this as a solution for septa, they started wrappingsome of the el trains in what iI presume is a test of viability and love it much better looking then the steel cages even if they are ads.
Gary Holesak May 10, 2014 at 12:52 PM
WELCOME TO THE FUTURE........$$$ makes the rules. Remember all the Sci Fi movies about the future? Big NEON advertising signs everywhere!!!!!


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