Area Votes: Redistricting, Budget Bill and Red-Light Cameras Approved

An account of legislative votes in the General Assembly.

Closing out the calendar year, the House finished its 2011 session by passing several pieces of legislation. Though the Senate was out of session, the House approved measures on budgets, congressional redistricting, and motor vehicle laws. 

Below are votes in the Pennsylvania General Assembly for legislators representing Roxborough, Manayunk and Andorra.

House of Representatives

SB1249: Approving the Republican version introduced and , state House members affirmed Dec. 20 a redistricting bill for U.S. House of Representative members. After Gov. Corbett's approval, the measure goes into effect for the 2012 congressional election. The House voted 136-61 in favor.  the local impact on redistricting.

  • YES: Cherelle Parker (D-200) NO: Pamela DeLissio (D-194)

HB1399: Passed 149-48, this bill impacts two rules on traffic in Pennsylvania. In cities, like Philadelphia, the use of red-light cameras will be permitted until at least June 30, 2012. Under current law, the cameras would be banned Dec. 31. Also, the definition of motorcycles has been updated to include vehicles with two stabilizing wheels in the back. 

  • YES: Cherelle Parker (D-200), Pamela DeLissio (D-194)

SB1054: The House approved capital budgets expenditures for the 2011-12 fiscal year. In a 119-75 vote Dec. 19, the bill provides for $1.6 billion in capital projects statewide on buildings, bridges, flood control and other objects.

  • YES: Cherelle Parker (D-200) NO: Pamela DeLissio (D-194)

Both the House and Senate will reconvene Jan. 3, 2012.


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