Fourth District Councilman Keeps Campaign Promise

Councilman Curtis Jones, Jr. cuts the ribbon to his new Ridge Avenue district office.

Access and service was the new promise that Fourth District Democratic made to his local constituents at the ribbon cutting for his new district office on Friday.

“We are going to establish a presence on the Ridge,” the councilman said, “To serve the people, we need to be near the people.”

Before now, constituents would have to travel to the inaccessible City Hall downtown. The only other district office is located in Wynnefield, miles away from the Roxborough location.

“This new spot will provide access,” said Bill Maliza, supervisor of the Kendrick Recreational Center in Roxborough. “I can walk right down the street if I needed to.”

Over 50 local residents, supporters and constituents came out to the new location on Ridge Avenue at Hermit Lane. The new office will provide an array of services from immigration paperwork to potholes to preserving recreational space.

Councilman Jones stressed the importance of taking on these quality of life type issues. “By working together, we hope to keep this place pristine,” he said in a positive tone.

The councilman announced that "Coffee with the Councilman" sessions would still continue, a service they would customarily hold at local coffee shops, banks and diners to discuss pressing matters.

Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown also spoke before the crowd of excited constituents, saluting them for simply being there.

“We can’t talk about it, we have to be about it,” Brown said in regards to alleviating the issues of the district. “Being up close and personal matters. Answering phone calls matters.”

As passersby beeped their horns in support, Councilman Jones and his team cut the ribbon around 5 p.m. Constituents were allowed to tour the new facility, as well as talk with the councilman and his staff.

The office will be open Tuesday through Saturday and will be run by staff member Joshua Cohen, joshua.cohen@phila.gov.


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