Jones, LCB Say Enjoy Bike Race Responsibly

Leaflets go out warning that police will enforce the law.

The local city councilman and the state Liquor Control Board continued their campaign to decrease the debauchery at the Manayunk bike race by cautioning residents to obey the law, or else.

With bolded and all-caps fonts, leaflets left in doors along the bike race route unequivocally announced: "ZERO TOLERANCE."

The brings world-class cycling to the streets of Manayunk and Roxborough. It also inspires a rowdy party atmosphere.

In messages spread by (D-4) and the Liquor Control Board, the word is clear that Philadelphia and State Police will not tolerate excessive partying.

"Expect to see: An increase in enforcement officials, additional barricades and 'bike night court, along with: License and Inspection, Liquor Control Board, and the Managing Director's Office," the message read.

"Drunken, rowdy, illegal behavior will not be tolerated."

Philadelphia Police, the , Jones' office and residents of the Manayunk/Roxborough Bike Race Committee held a and noting that flyers were going out.

During the race, police encouraged residents to report unruly behavior to 311 (215-686-8686) or 911.


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