Neighbors Unmoved By Request for Unorthodox Parking Spot

Civic association also approves lot subdivision on Lyceum Avenue.

Although nearly every civic member could identify with Ikrom Tolibov's parking problem, few were willing to OK his plan for a driveway that sticks out on the sidewalk.

The Manayunk Neighborhood Council will oppose the Carson Street resident's zoning proposal to create an off-street parking space that falls just a little short.

"I understand how difficult it is to park here, but as a matter of principle, we just can't support something that will permanently cut off that sidewalk," MNC member Jillian Deriks said.

Tolibov seeks to create a curb cut at 300 Carson St. However, the space is only 12 feet, 9 inches long—shorter than city code. Creating the curb cut would also remove one spot from the street.

He wanted the neighbors and city to allow him to park his car with it hanging, albeit slightly, into the sidewalk.

In his presentation, Tolibov shared photos of his car pushing out into the sidewalk, stated his car could never be longer than 14 feet and that future property owners would also maintain that distance.

"If you look at other houses, people are parking out into the sidewalk all the time," he said.

However, that logic did not sway the MNC—with some emphasizing the "two-wrongs don't make a right" adage. 

Ultimately, resident Darlene Messina summed up their rejection.

"We all know it's a pain to park here. But it is just an inconvenience that all of us have lived with for a long time," she said.

Lyceum Avenue Division Approved

Neighbors agreed with one long-time resident's plan for a lot subdivision. 

Attorney Bill O'Brien presented a plan to divide 259 Lyceum Ave. into two properties, with both keeping current use for the foreseeable future.

Following the death of the property owner, the property's estate, O'Brien said, agreed to sell the single-family home on Lyceum Avenue and give a free-standing garage on Monastery Avenue to one of the woman's children, who has used it for a number of years. 

One matter the neighbors discussed before giving the OK was what can happen to the garage lot. In the future, MNC President Kevin Smith said someone could build another single-family home on that space by right, though other uses couldn't be permitted.

The move doesn't impact street parking.

Debbie Thomas May 08, 2012 at 12:33 PM
Good decision. The MNC was right on this one. Who does Toibov think he is? Cars that are parked even halfway on the sidewalk create a hazard for pedestrians walking, because they often have to go into the street.


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