No Apartments Planned for 3900 Manayunk Ave. Zoning Proposal

Property owners say they only wish to redraw lot lines.

Although legalese may have caused at least one resident to think otherwise, two Manayunk Avenue property owners aren't bringing in any new apartments.

One Manayunk Avenue property owner needs neighborhood and city support before he can sell his garage to a neighbor. But that's all they're asking for, the owners said Tuesday.

Justin Perkins lives at 3918 Manayunk Ave. and has rented his garage, below on Manor Street, to Michael Pattanite, Jr., a neighbor from that street, for more than four years. 

Essentially, the property owners propose a redrawing of lot lines. No building will take place and uses for the property will remain the same—two separate single-family homes and one detached garage.

"I just don't want to pay rent anymore. It's next door to my house. It makes sense because we are the one who use it, and I'd like to add it our property," Pattanite, Jr. said.

Where the confusion arose came from the zoning notice's wording: "Lot 3918 to remain as single-family dwelling and lot 3903 as a single-family dwelling with one accessory one-story private dwelling garage."

Neighbor Leonard Gryn attended the hearing because he feared more rental units were coming.

"They're putting 14 houses on Manayunk Avenue somewhere else. I want to see this area kept green," he said.

Perkins and Pattanite, Jr., said they informally surveyed nearby residents but were unaware of the local civic association.

On Tuesday, the Philadelphia Zoning Board of Adjustment continued their hearing until Jan. 8, 2013, so the property owners may meet with Councilman Curtis Jones' Office and the Wissahickon Neighbors Civic Association.


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