Nutter to Appeal Firefighters' Contract

Union dispute continues, as administration calls the deal financially ruinous.

Mayor Michael Nutter will again appeal the Philadelphia firefighters' contract, saying it's financially ruinous, according to a report by The Philadelphia Inquirer.

This continues a four-year labor dispute between the administration and the Local 22 firefighters' union.

Last week, at the national firefighters' meeting, held at the Pennsylvania Convention Center. Vice President Joe Biden addressed the union, but refrained from weighing in on the dispute.

The Inquirer reports that the city will file an appeal in Common Pleas Court next week.

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robert greenage September 21, 2012 at 11:08 AM
The firefighters risk their lives for us every time they go out for a call. Pay them.We paid for Arlene Ackerman to run the PSD and look what we got for that. We paid for Carl Greene to run the PHA and look what we got for that. The fire fighters earn their money every day. Stop the appeals and pay them.


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