Property Taxes Could Go Up for Rox/Man

The Inquirer's interactive map gives homeowners a glimpse at that their property taxes could look like in 2014.

With the city’s Actual Value Initiative still a year away, homeowners in Roxborough and Manayunk can get a look at what they might be paying in property taxes in 2014 right now, thanks to the Inky and the city controller’s office.

The Inquirer has created an interactive map that projects what the city’s taxes will look like under AVI in 2014, broken down by zip code. The map uses information compiled by the city controller’s office.

You can read their full write-up of the tax breakdown here, and you can play with their interactive map here, but here’s how things shake out for the Northwest, according to the map (which I really suggest you play with):

Zipcode Tax Average, '13 Tax Average '14 Average Percent Change 19127 $2,346 $2,552

9 percent

19128 $2,602 $2,607

0 percent

More on AVI in the Northwest:

  • How Homes Are Being Valued
  • City Council Members Talk AVI
Carol Ann February 16, 2013 at 11:52 PM
Saying property taxes may go down is nothing but another smoke screen to keep you quiet. Your county tax assessors office, your school board, your state senators, and representatives keep moving the assessment numbers around while giving various groups rebates, refunds, discounts, exemptions, and/or abatements to keep you appeased so, you won't join the PTCC https://www.facebook.com/groups/pataxpayers/ ... You won't tell your state legislatures you've had enough already and it's time to bring HB/SB76 to the floor for a vote. Our legislatures know full well, any of them that do NOT vote yes on HB/SB76 can look for a job in the private sector come next election cycle. So, in the meantime, they're pitting you against your fellow taxpayers by giving you a break this time around, screwing someone else to pay for the crumbs they throw at you, and then, raise your taxes next time. These reassessments, rebates, exemptions, etc. are nothing but a shell game designed to fool us all.


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