Roxborough Nears Approval on New Kingsley Homes

Development corporation and civic association iron out details with developer.

Neighborhood approval on 32 new homes in Roxborough hasn't occurred, but two groups near backing a developer's plan.

Both the and Wissahickon Neighbors Civic Association hold some questions, but developer Stephen Goldner's and build 32 new homes off Ridge Avenue could become a reality.

"We think it's a good development for the area. We are not opposed to it, and we are going to support it," RDC Executive Director Bernard Guet said Wednesday. "The concern is that all the details are taken care of first."

Ironing Out the Details

Proposed at the abandoned Ivy Ridge Assisted Living at 5627 Ridge Ave., Goldner's project would create a new cul-de-sac in Roxborough and 16 twin homes.

Guet and Wissahickon Neighbors President Andrew Bantly both emphasize they want certain guarantees before signing off.

"We don't want to give them approval carte blanche and have the city tell him something else," Bantly said Monday.

Specifically, Bantly requested to have City Planning OK the proposal first.

"I know it's a pain for developers but all of these documents, he would have to have anyway before going to the city," Bantly said.

The area is zoned R-4, and Goldner will eventually need several variances to be more like a R-5 property. The individual lots will be subdivided, as well. Thirty-two, four-bedroom, 3.5 bath homes are planned to be sold for around $320,000, Goldner said previously.

New-look Ridge Avenue

With a occurring at neighboring , Guet wanted to ensure the development enhanced Ridge Avenue.

"When you drive along the avenue, we want it to make it look good," he said. Like on the project, Guet said the RDC will work with Goldner to guarantee positive aesthetics.

Specifically, Guet said buildings facing Ridge Avenue should be brick, and that proper landscaping needs to exist.

"It's a great project. With Stanley's, this will transform that whole section of Ridge Avenue," he said.

Goldner is receptive, Guet said.

Neighbors at properties bordering the nursing home along Walnut Lane and Houghton Street requested tours, which Goldner granted. In February, Bantly and another resident , and Bantly reaffirmed that Monday night.

The Wissahickon Neighbors next meet April 2.

burnembrndn March 07, 2012 at 09:31 PM
If the WaWa project is an example of a something they consider well done then this is gonna be a disaster.


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