Shawmont Can Check Out Proposed Twin-Home Property

Property owner invites residents to view 16 Shawmont Ave.

Local civic association occasionally clash with real estate developers, but at a Shawmont Avenue property, the neighborhood group and property owner look to work together.

Shawmont residents are invited to 16 Shawmont Ave. Monday at 4 p.m. to walk the site where four single-family homes (two twins) are proposed by Ralph Sposato, according to the Residents of Shawmont Valley Association.

Sposato lives at the 5.5-acre property and wants to build and manage four new homes. He intends on continuing to reside at his current home and won't sell the subdivided property. He'll rent and serve as landlord.

At the Oct. 11 civic association meeting, Sposato shared his plans and invited residents out to walk the grounds. That date is Monday.

The civic association didn't voice opposition at the meeting, but its members held questions about setbacks from both Shawmont Avenue and the Green Tree Run tributary, located at the property's rear.

The waterway lies 100 feet back from the road, with a slope descending to the waterway from most of the property. Currently, Sposato plans to build the homes about 15 feet back from Shawmont Avenue and 50 feet back from the creek. However, neighbors want the twins back a little more. 

To better visualize his proposal, Sposato and any interested community member will walk the grounds Monday. The home is located at the Shawmont and Umbria streets intersection.


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