Uncivil Sign Wars as Races Tighten?

It happens to some degree in almost every election cycle, but it seems that signs of increasing incivility are popping up in TE.

Driving all over TE for a "who's winning the battle of the signs" story it became clear that a new battle was raging this weekend over political lawn signs.

The challenge: having your lawn sign survive what appears to be a concerted effort (apparently by supporters of both major parties) to pull signs out of the ground if they support a candiate that the sign pullers do not.

This is not a science or research based story. It is simply based on the observations of this Patch editor who spent most of Saturday afternoon driving around almost all of Tredyffrin and Easttown assessing the remaining damage from Hurricane Sandy and looking for signs of trouble with election signs.

Two of the biggest hot spots for political sign disruption on Saturday afternoon appeared to be in Chesterbrook and in front of the Gateway Shopping Center.

At Gateway at least four signs in support of Mitt Romney had been pulled from the ground and left face down on the grass. One was strewn in the main road of the parking lot.

In the grass medians of Chesterbrook there was more evidence of someone pulling down or uprooting signs endorsing Romney/Ryan or other GOP candidates.

It appears that the anti-Romney forces do not have a monopoly on uprooting lawn signs. One property owner on West Valley Road across from the entrance to Avonwood went to the trouble of marking Obama signs as private property.

As to the overall saturation of political signs, no major intersection in TE seems to have been spared. Many are filled with signs for candidates from both major political parties.

In the neighborhoods the lawn signs are plentiful as well.

What have you observed in your neighborhood? 

Any signs of political signs being disturbed?  Which candidate/party has the edge in terms of sheer number of signs?

Tell us in the comments at the bottom of this article.

You can also upload photos of out-of- the ordinary signs that have popped up in TE where you live, drive or work.

Pat Campbell November 06, 2012 at 05:01 AM
Wow -- one last political stab by both sides complaining about how their candidate (by name) sign was taken down. No sense leaving the impression that only one party does it. We have all lost sight of the fact that WE ARE CHOOSING LEADERS. We are not picking teams. We are not educating anyone about anything with the thousands of useless signs posted in medians. If you put one on your lawn, you are communicating YOUR endorsement. But even to the woman above who doesn't want to know her neighbors because of what their signs say -- puhleeazze.........these are political signs, not swastikas. The more passion, the more punch! The vandalism is misdirected competition -- "you took down mine, I took down yours" I assure you has been in play. I am ashamed of our community that we have worked so hard to polarize this election -- yet again. This isn't Phillies - Yankees. We all have to live with the result. It's an election -- not a fight. Why does hatred seem to fuel passion? When did we become so militant in our language? Who exactly wins when both sides are sure the other candidate will destroy us?
Pat Campbell November 06, 2012 at 05:05 AM
Again-- is it really so hard to just comment . Your first paragraph was fine, but your second paragraph camoflauges innuendo with opinion....enough already. Come by my house -- I'm registered independent and I got 84 mailers from both sides and only one candidate said anything about himself. The rest was entirely about what we should fear about the opposition. So find whatever you want interesting -- "more money than volunteers" says NOTHING but what you want us to think. Busloads of voters says something about organizations and not voters.
RosiesDad November 06, 2012 at 10:54 AM
@TE Patch Reader: I think it is possible to find something obnoxious and respect its right to be there. Thus, I might think the homeowner is an idiot but respect his right to be an idiot. I might think that he is disrespectful to his neighbors by turning the front of his house into an eyesore but that is his right. My point is that large lawn signs do not convince passers by to support political candidates more than small signs do; all it is is an endorsement by the person who put the sign there. And a BIG SIGN (as if shouting in all LARGE CAPS) has no more meaning than a one foot sign that says the same thing. Except the BIG SIGN is an eyesore and obnoxious. In my opinion. But the homeowner has the right to create an obnoxious eyesore and to have it left undisturbed just as he has the right to have his neighbors resent him for turning their neighborhood into an ugly billboard. (And for all I know, his neighbors might all love the sign in which case, more power to all of them.) Get it?
JoAnne Reimel Mc Monigle November 06, 2012 at 12:37 PM
Sign stealing is not just for Political signs......... who keeps stealing our Tarleton School Open House signs?
Publius 2.0 November 07, 2012 at 04:17 AM
GOP Losers!


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