Unopposed, Parker to Focus on Turnout for November

The Andorra state representative is running for reelection unopposed.

State Rep. Cherelle Parker (D-200) received in Tuesday’s primary election—nearly all of the votes, since she was unopposed. Facing a general election in November once again without opposition, Parker said she would turn her focus toward voter turnout.

“Turnout, Turnout, turnout,” Parker said. “I don’t care what party you are a part of. In 2008, in the general election, President Obama received over 595,000 votes out of the city of Philadelphia. If you take a stroll through electoral history, never had that kind of turnout in Philadelphia, and that’s just Obama and Biden, not including Republican and independent votes.”

Parker said she would like to see a return to that level of participation in the upcoming general election. She feels that the may work against turnout in the area, but she said that is something she is gearing up to either work with or against.

“Despite the burden of the Voter ID law—and there is an effort to repeal the bill legislatively—we’re ready to make sure our citizens are in compliance and turn out record people,” Parker said.

Because when it comes to voting, Parker gets very passionate.

“Too many people gave up too much for us not to vote, all the battles people have gone through for the right to vote,” Parker said.

“People are nervous to challenge their constituency that way. I know that is what they expect me to do because that’s what they elect me to do. And as a member of the community, I have a right to hope and believe and expect that my neighborhood is going to participate.”

What do you think of Cherelle Parker running unopposed through the primary and general election? Tell us in comments?


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