Where to Vote in Roxborough and Manayunk

A list of polling places in the Roxborough-Manayunk area.

Not sure where to vote Tuesday? Here is a list of polling places in Ward 21. Although many precints changed in Philadelphia, the 21st Ward of Roxborough and Manayunk stayed the same. So if you voted in the November 2011 election, the location didn't change.

Residents of division 1 and 2—, 3815 Terrace St.

Residents of division 3— Building E, 7901 Henry Avenue

Residents of division 4—Interac, 4120 Tower St.

Resident of division 5 and 30—, Shawmont Avenue & Eva Street

Resident of division 6—, 128 Cotton St.

Residents in division 7—, 140 Green Lane

Residents in division 8 and 9—, 201 Fountain St.

Residents in divisions 10, 17 and 18— 403 Rector St.

Residents in division 11—Tony's Glass Work, 235 Cotton St.

Residents in division 12—, 175 Green Lane

Residents in division 13—, 4799 Silverwood St.

Residents in divisions 14, 16 and 35—, Righter & Salaignac Streets

Residents in division 15—5301 Ridge Ave.

Residents in divisions 19 and 27—, 401 Martin St.

Residents in divisions 20 and 21—, 6218 Ridge Ave.

Residents in the 22— at Ridge Avenue and Cinnaminson Street

Residents in division 23—Alden Park Manor, 2967 West School House Lane

Residents in division 24—, 800 Walnut Lane

Residents in division 25, 26, 36 and 37— Ridge Avenue & Rector Street

Resident in division 28—6247 Ridge Avenue

Residents in division 29—, 6800 Ridge Avenue

Riesdents in division 31— 6400 Ridge Avenue

Residents in divisions 32 and 38—, 7100 Henry Avenue

Resident in divisions 33 and 45—

Residents in divisions 34 and 44—, Wissahickon & Grakyn Lane

Residents in division 39—, 8200 Henry Avenue

Residents in division 40—, 6730 Ridge Avenue

Residents in division 41—, Ridge Avenue & Domino Lane

Residents in division 42—, 7722 Ridge Ave.

Residents in division 43— 705 East Cathedral Road

To find your precint, view the Committee of Seventy's website.

Sylvia Crawford September 27, 2012 at 09:51 PM
Parkers Pub is closed will they reopen for the voters?
Sylvia Crawford October 27, 2012 at 03:12 AM
This site has proven very helpful!


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