Youngblood, DeLissio, Parker Win in Primary

The city's Democratic incumbents state reps win primary.

UPDATE 7:30 a.m.: Totals from all counties.

With over 99 percent of city districts reporting in, Democrate Rosita Youngblood is a winner in Tuesday's Democratic primary election.

Youngblood, an incumbent who represents the 198th district in the state General Assembly, has secured nearly half of the day's votes with 2,456, according to the state's election results website.

198th Legislative District:

Votes Percentage Rosita Youngblood (D) 4,037 47.3 Malik Boyd (D) 2,092 24.5 Charisma Presley (D) 2,414 28.3

In the 194th district race, Democratic incumbent Pam DeLissio bests challenger Ray Bailey by over 1,000 votes in Philadelphia, according to the state's website. DeLissio is also ahead of Bailey in Montgomery County, where she has gained over 94 percent of the vote. 

194th Legislative District: 

Votes Percentage Pam DeLissio (D) 3,772 77.0 Ray Bailey (D) 1,124 23.0 Linda Wolfe Bateman (R) 1,012 100

In the 200th district, unapposed Democrat Cherelle Parker has notched over 9,013 votes.


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