3 High-Performing Northwest Philly Schools to Add Seats

School District announces expanded seats for 19 schools.

 extended the number of seats in high performing schools by 2,272 seats, according to a news release Tuesday. In total, 19 district schools will expand, including and and .

Starting the in the fall, more students may attend 11 high schools, six elementary schools and two middle schools. This comes weeks after the official closing of and to Roxborough.

In a news release, the district said, "The 19 schools were selected because they scored a 3 or higher on the District’s School Performance Index (SPI), have capacity in the school buildings and can maintain the integrity and quality of the academic program with an increase in student enrollment."

Each of the three local schools added at least 100 seats. Specifically, the district expanded the local schools to the following:

School Current Enrollment # Added Projected AMY NW 212 100 312 Saul 499 151 650 Lankenau 277 163 440

Admission for the high schools will follow existing guidelines; it simply extends how many students will get in.

Elementary school seats will be made available first through the District’s No Child Left Behind School Choice Program, which allows parents to apply for a transfer if their schools has school improvement status. The district said parents of students that qualify will be notified directly by mail.

For more information, call 215-400-4000.


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