New Boundaries Drawn for Local Public Schools

Catchment area divided from former Levering school.

Displaced students from the former may have already found a home, but the School District of Philadelphia just released boundaries for new students.

The district officially announced catchment boundaries for elementary school students in Roxborough, Manayunk, Shawmont, and Wissahickon. These would impact new enrollees for the foreseeable future—or at least until the district announces school closing plans for the .

, current students had the option of attending , , Mifflin Elementary School in East Falls, or AMY Northwest Middle School—which now occupies the Levering building, according to district spokesperson Deidre Darragh.

This new catchment list applies to new students enrolling with the district.

In the new boundaries, available on the district's School Finder website, Dobson, Cook-Wissahickon and absorb the territory.

More or less, Dobson assumes the Levering area below Ridge Avenue to Manayunk. Starting from , Shawmont takes the area between Ridge and Henry Avenues and goes northwest. Cook-Wissahickon takes the smallest section—the area directly across the street from Levering and toward Wissahickon.

The new areas bound the three schools as follows:

  • Dobson: 
    • Lemonte Street, from Ridge Avenue to the Schuylkill River; 
    • Ridge Avenue, from Lemonte to Roxborough Avenue;
    • Main Street, Leverington Avenue to Gay Street;
    • Roxborough Avenue, from Ridge Avenue to Silverwood Street.
  • Cook-Wissahickon:
    • The western side of Lincoln Drive to Roxborough Avenue;
    • Main Street, at Gay Street, past Henry Avenue, to the Wissahickon;
    • Ridge Avenue, from Leverington Cemetery to Main Street;
    • Roxborough Avenue, from Ridge Avenue to Silverwood Street.
  • Shawmont Elementary:
    • Ridge Avenue, from the city limit to Lyceum Avenue;
    • Umbria Street, starting at Lemonte and up through Shawmont;
    • Henry Avenue to Ridge Avenue—starting near Janette Street/Green Lane and Leverington Cemetery.

According to Darragh, "the schools in that area will receive maps and a letter to explain the new boundaries."

Roxborough Area Man August 08, 2012 at 02:44 PM
If only the High School were a neighborhood school...
Debbie Thomas August 08, 2012 at 08:01 PM
When I was in school you have to go to the high school that was in your district. The only ones that took students from outside the their districts were Mastbaum, Bok and Dobbins, the 3 vocational schools.
Renee_C August 14, 2012 at 07:09 PM
I wish it was! My son is in 5th grade at Dobson. My only two high school choices are Saul and Roxborough. That scares me to death. Stop busing these kids in and make them go to the schools in their own area. Ridiculous! Many of the kids that come out of Roxborough are so disrespectful. I am also concernced about the amount of violence and drugs that occur there.


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