New Profile Has Everything About Conestoga

Where did last year's graduates go to college? How do 'Stoga kids do on standardized tests? It's all in a new report.

Conestoga High School students are among the best best in the state when it comes to test scores.

According to the new Conestoga High School Profile posted on the TESD.org website and attached to this article as a pdf:

Nearly  50%  of  all  students  participate  on  at  least   one  interscholastic  athletic  team  and  15%  participate  in  the  intramural  program.    Over  90%  are  involved  in  at  least  one  facet  of   a  broad-­based  student  activities  program,  which  is  notably  strong  in  service  and  leadership,  media  production  and  publications,   government  and  politics,  and  visual  and  performing  arts.     

When it comes to going to college after high school, Conestoga is a real estate agent's dream school for selling property in the district. It may not be as dreamy for state officials interested in preventing "brain drain" and an exodus of the best students in the state to other states.

According to the new profile report:

Nearly  95%  of  2012  graduates  chose  to  attend  college  after  high  school,  with  90%  of  the  class  attending  four-­year  colleges  and   5%  of  the  class  attending  a  two-­year  college.  Nearly  50%  selected  private  institutions,  with  45%  attending  colleges  and  universities outside Pennsylvania. Many graduates enroll in institutions rated "Most Selective" or "Highly Competitive" in college guides and publications.

The profile does not specifiy which guides and publications it refers to.

The full report lists every college attended by 2012 Conestoga graduates, the number of current students, and lists all the AP and Honors courses offered at the school plus many more factoids about the academic and extracurricular programs available at Conestoga.


Elizabeth November 11, 2012 at 05:52 PM
This pdf doesn't open on an ipad.
Bob Byrne November 12, 2012 at 10:06 AM
Hi Elizabeth, Sorry you're having trouble opening the pdf. You can try clicking on the link highlighted in blue in the second paragraph of the story. It's also available on the district's TESD.org website.


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