Three Elementary Schools Excel, Hit AYP

Shawmont, Cook-Wissahickon and Dobson make the mark on federal achievement measure.

Three Roxborough elementary schools made the federal standard school evaluation, according to the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

Cook-Wissahickon, Dobson and Shawmont Elementary Schools all made adequate yearly progress for 2012, unlike the School District of Philadelphia and area high schools.

AMY Northwest Middle School, formerly in Mt. Airy, also made AYP. Levering Elementary, which closed last June, failed to make AYP.

Following federal guidelines established by the No Child Left Behind Act, states grade the annual progress of each district and school. Elementary schools are judged in three areas—attendance, academic performance and test preparation.

After making AYP in 2011, both Cook-Wissahickon and Dobson continued their successes 2012. AMY Northwest also made it in 2011.

Shawmont, which didn't make it for 2011, earned AYP for 2012. Last year, Shawmont only missed one out of 10 categories in academic performance.

Levering, which made AYP in 2011, failed to do so in 2012.

According to data from the Pennsylvania Department of Education, each school performed the following in each target area:

School Attendance Academics Tests Total Cook-Wissahickon 1/1 8/8 10/10 19/19 Dobson 1/1 8/8 8/8 17/17 Shawmont 1/1 10/10 10/10 21/21 AMY NW 1/1 6/6 6/6 13/13 Levering 1/1 3/6 6/6 10/13

Academic performance and test participation are broken down into achievement in reading and math. Performance in those areas than is evaluated by other categories, like ethnicity and socioeconomics—schools with more categories have more areas to achieve in.

Click here for the School District of Philadelphia's school-by-school performance for high schools.


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